Terry Bozzio

Speaking of Zappa drummers, I guess what I really want to know about Terry Bozzio is, how did he go from this

To this

in the span of less than a decade?

Yeah. One of these things is not like the other.


The fact is, though, that Missing Persons, one of the most oddly iconic acts of the 1980s, is a band that was drenched in Zappa credibility. Lead singer Dale Bozzio was a longtime Zappa associate, with integral parts in both the Joe’s Garage and Thing-Fish albums. Terry Bozzio of course was a long-time Zappa drummer and the one Zappa chose first to throw “The Black Page” to.

Zappa guitarist Warren Cuccurullo rounds out the Missing Persons lineup. Isn’t that something?

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  1. Hi Aaron, this is weird and random but I recently read your comment on Roger Ebert’s blog where you called him a national treasure. It was just strange because that is EXACTLY how I refer to him when Im talking to my friends. I always tell them, just pray he keeps writing and working because the man is a bona fide national treasure. It just struck me as interesting to read someone who thinks the exact same thing!

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