It’s Going To Be A Hell Of A Day

You walk into your uncle’s cat-doored house where you’re popping in from time to time to look after his cats while he’s out of town for the weekend, and you find the dry cat food container overturned and empty, and the food dish empty, and the water dish empty, and dog biscuits on the floor, and water everywhere, and parts of a bird who appears to be pining for the Fjords. Lovely. The cats probably encountered a raccoon during the night and opted to go all lord-of-the-flies about it. What a mess.

I had nice weekend, nothing new to report. I cooked a lot for my date. The news is that I still can’t cook a meatloaf. This one was better for consistency but was not cooked when I pulled it out. Blush. I did better with dessert, the gingerbread with peaches and blueberries, and much better with breakfast, scrambled eggicles with hash browns and a croissant. Still working to get her caught up on Los Sopranos.

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