Frank Zappa’s Deserted Island List

Ever wonder what Frank Zappa listened to? What he thought was good?

Fortunately, a reporter named Giovanni Dadamo of the now defunct Let It Rock magazine in the UK spent a good deal of time with Zappa in June 1975. Out of his interview notes, he culled kind of a deserted island list for the man.

I’m digesting the list here and adding YouTube embeds just for fun.

1. “Supernaut” by Black Sabbath

2. After the Gold Rush by Neil Young

3. Between the Buttons by The Rolling Stones

4. Abbey Road by The Beatles

5. Folk Singer by Muddy Waters (the full album does not appear to be available on YouTube)

6. Krzysztof Penderecki’s Die Teufel von Loudun

7. The Complete Works Of Edgar Varèse Vol. 1 (Duh.)

8. “Three Hours Past Midnight” by Johnny “Guitar” Watson

9. “The Story Of My Life” by Guitar Slim

10. “Who Will Be The Next” by Howlin’ Wolf

Not forgetting . . .

The Hoople by Mott the Hoople (Zappa refers to Mott the Hoople, released in 1969, but he mentions a song that isn’t on that album. I assume he wanted to refer to The Hoople of 1974, which I cannot find on YouTube.

“Newly Wed” by The Orchids

“My White Bicycle” by Tomorrow

“Claremount Lake” by Tomorrow

“Can I Come Over Tonight” by the Velours

“Let’s Start All Over Again” by The Paragons

Anything That Richard Berry Did How about “Sweet Sugar You?”

That, my fellow Zappadan revelers, is one hell of a playlist. Enjoy.

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