Over and Over

Attention, practitioners of the American English language: Can we please stop using the word “over,” which most directly is meant to explain a specific spatial relationship, when you mean to say “more than,” which is meant to explain a specific relationship regarding amount?

No, goddamnit, Takeru Kobayashi did not eat “over” 40 hot dogs in 12 minutes to win the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest this year. He ate “more than” 40 hot dogs. When you say that Kobayashi ate “over” 40 hot dogs, I imagine 40 hot dogs on the floor and Kobayashi hovering over (you see?) them while eating a TV dinner.

“More than.” Say it with me. “Mooooooore thaaaaaaan.” Very good.

Because you’re on TV, dummy. I watched Network again last night. That is such an incredible movie. The folks who made it told the future, didn’t they? You have to keep slapping yourself on the back of the head to remind yourself that this movie was made WELL BEFORE television ever had anything like The Howard Biehl Show on the air. Don’t even get me started about the movie’s commentary about Saudi ownership of the U.S. of A.

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