That’ll Be The Day

It’s a weird occurrence, when you’re watching the television and someone on the television says exactly what you were thinking. That’s what happened last night as I watched Alex Preston’s performance on “Amercian Idol” and its aftermath.

Preston’s performance of One Direction’s “Story of My Life” should not have been a showstopper, not for me, as I couldn’t pick any of those young men out of a lineup and I have never heard the song before to my knowledge. But man, this Alex, he’s that good.

As I watched him perform, the name Buddy Holly came to mind. Something about how this young man carries himself, something about how awkward he seems off-stage and how self-assured he seems when he’s in front of a microphone. This kid from New Hampshire brings to mind that kid from Lubbock, it just can’t be helped.

J-Lo noticed it, too, as she made the comparison in her remarks. So, hey, Alex. Time to go shopping for some big-horned specs, kid.

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