Say Hello To My Little Friend

A few random comments regarding some popular culture, um, thingies.

Jesscita and I watched Scarface, both for the furst time last weekend. We have been trying to expand our basic background expertise in the realm of popular culture by renting those entirely quotable movies, the ones you sort of have to have seen to actually understand The Simpsons. We didn’t like it, not much, but I have to admit, it does stick. She and I decided that it has the world’s most twisted montage evar, and that it wasn’t very nice of that man to chainsaw that other guy’s head, and that the music was wretched, and that the film never really gives you a chance to actually root for Tony Montana, you go from a mild aversion to really hating this sadistic, wacked-out bastard. We concluded that it must have been a really powerful film when it was released…something that Ebert—who apparently LOVED Scarface—confirms in his review.

In other news, I’m watching Idol now. Yes, I know. I’ve eschewed this idiotic show—until now, but…sweet holy crap, Ottawa, Kansas, REPRESENT! Am also watching the White Rapper Show due to its excellent host, MC “Back To The Grill Again” Serch. Propah.