Cuba: Jeux Sans Frontieres

First of all, it just looks good. Congress just concluded its 113th session yesterday (with a slew of nominations approved), then today President Obama gets to announce that we’re welcoming an American home from captivity and that he intends to normalize relations with Cuba, a historic policy shift. At the very least, the president won the press cycle.

This president seems to have a chronic talent for properly leveraging good policy with good politics, and this may be the finest example of it. Policy-wise, warming things up with Cuba is a win win win win win. And the only people who will hate it are Cubans in Miami, dead-set Obama-obstructers, and/or Marco “Polo” Rubio and Jebidiah Bush. Who else thinks that reforming this vestigial policy is a bad thing?

In other news, Pat Robertson has expressed belief in one of the most ignoramus things that can be said regarding my LGBTQCZSPUXT brothers and sisters and other-genders.

“Those who are homosexual will die out because they don’t reproduce.”

Um, Pat? I know many gay people who HAVE PROCREATED.

And the ghey? It ain’t hereditary.


And a church that won’t let its parishioners co-mingle? Who are these people?

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