I’m So Fucking Tired Of Donald Trump

I’m so fucking tired of Donald Trump.

I’m tired of seeing him on my TV all the time. I’m tired of him, living rent free in our brains. I’m tired of seeing his ugly, conceited, swelled-up orange face everywhere. I’m tired of hearing the audio of him shaking down Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for 11,780 votes. I’m tired of seeing new tell-all books coming out about Donald Trump from authors who should have told what they knew back when it would have made a difference. I’m tired of a Republican Party that could, any day they wanted to, excise themselves of this cancer just by having 20 to 50 of their members start getting in front of a camera and telling the truth. I’m tired of it. I’m sick to death of it. Just tell me when he’s been arrested. Otherwise, Joy Reid, otherwise, Chris Hayes, otherwise, Nicolle Wallace, talk to the hand. I’m done with your speculation and your Claire McCaskill and former part-of-the-problem Michael Steele and your giving Donald Trump more oxygen than he deserves. Done with it. Call me when he’s in jail. Otherwise, fuck all ya’ll.

Seriously. Knock it off.

I remember in 2015, when I was working one of the shittiest jobs I’ve ever worked, but at least I got 45 minutes for lunch, so I would get in my car and drive it to a remote part of the parking lot and eat a sandwich and listen to Chris Matthews on MSNBC on Sirius/XM. And he would cover Trump rallies gavel to gavel, and this was held over from the previous hour. They didn’t cover shit about what President Obama was doing, nor did they cover the other candidates like that. Nope. Just Trump. Trump Trump Trump Trump. And now, they’re doing it again.

Well, shove it up your ass, MSNBC.

And let’s get back to a point I glossed over earlier: The “Republican Party” could excise this zit off of its bum any time they want to. Any time. It would take maybe a dozen of them to just get in front of the camera and talk some sense. Like, Joe Biden won the election and is the real preznit. Like, maybe an outgoing preznit shouldn’t lead an insurrection. Maybe that’s bad. Like, maybe theories about my political opponents lusting for the blood of children is something we should discourage. Maybe. Just maybe.

Even just a scintilla of truth from a dozen of these assholes could send Donald Trump into the trash heap of obsolescence that he deserves. But they won’t do it because they are chicken-shit pussies. Or, they’re not and they’re just Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is a golem made of corn chips. Regardless.

I often find myself thinking, with as much hope as I can muster, with as much hope I sometimes have that a banana split will magically appear before me with a spoon, I find myself thinking, well, he has to die sometime. He’s 77, he’s fat, and he’s stupid enough to flush himself down a toilet. He has. To die. Sometime.

But I think it’s too late. Trump is the center of Trumpism, but he’s not the spring from which it flows. Trump would die and become a weird martyr rumored to have special superpowers like Jesus. Did you know Trump can turn a single quarter pounder into hundreds of double cheeseburgers just by farting through his bellybutton? Did you know that Trump could declassify classified documents just by thinking about it? Did you know that Trump was secretly The Buraq and while Muhammed rode his steely back to Mecca, Trump told him lots of funny jokes about Mexicans?

This country is fucked, people. Get out and vote for Biden/Harris in 2024. Meanwhile, put on an Erroll Garner album and chill. Let Joy Reid talk to herself for a bit.

Age, Schmage

Wow, is Nikki Haley a ghoul.

I mean, it’s par for the course since she’s a Republican running for Preznit. But she’s basically like, so Biden has announced he’s running. Dude’s gonna die anyway. Seriously.

“He announced that he’s running again in 2024, and I think that we can all be very clear and say with a matter of fact that if you vote for Joe Biden you really are counting on a President Harris, because the idea that he would make it until 86 years old is not something that I think is likely,” is something she felt quite comfortable telling Fox “News.”

What a ghoulish, awful thing to say about our nation’s chief executive. Sadly, while Haley said it in the worst way possible, it is not an uncommon sentiment.  

President Joe Biden has barely thrown his hat into the ring, and the clamoring over his age has already begun. Biden is 80 now, would be 82 when he’s sworn in, and would be 86 at the end of his term. Polls are showing that even Democrats are feeling lackluster for Biden’s run for a second term, many citing his age as a reason.

If only there was some sort of public report people could read offered by the President’s physician that summarized the current state of his health.

Oh wait. There is.

Kevin C. O’Connor, D.O., FAAFP, and no, I do not know what all of those letters mean, released in February 2023 a document detailing Biden’s health to the American public. Previously, O’Connor had released this report in 2021.

The report first discusses Biden’s bout of COVID, noting that he was fully vaccinated and experienced mild symptoms with no signs of long COVID. Biden is up-to-date on his boosters.

The report discusses Biden’s heart health, cholesterol, a condition called gastroeesophageal reflux, which is why Biden often needs to clear his throat, seasonal allergies, conditions that contribute to Biden’s more labored gait, mild peripheral neuropathy in his feet, dermatology evaluation, eye health, dental health, medications, no tobacco, no booze, and he continues to work out five days a week.

Here’s the link, you can go read the thing yourself.


My point in going over all of this is: Where is Trump’s?

There isn’t one. Because twice-impeached once-indicted disgraced former President Carnage has never produced a serious health disclosure.

Let’s remember the now-late Dr. Harold Bornstein, a gastroenterologist, who later admitted that Preznit Carnage himself had dictated the 2015 absurd statement, “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” Really?

Let’s remember Carnage-man’s subsequent appearance on Dr. Oz on television, which Vox described as “surreal” and “disturbing.”

Let’s remember in 2020, when Dr. Sean Conley did somersaults to avoid discussing former Preznit Carnage’s health. This followed TFG’s helicopter voyage to Walter Reed and his bizarre return to the White House where he defiantly removed his mask for the cameras and went inside, presumably to recklessly infect more of his staff and loved ones.

Conley would not even confirm for the press when former Preznit Carnage’s last negative COVID test was.

As previously noted, President Biden’s disclosure thoroughly discusses Biden’s bout with COVID and reassures that he is not suffering from residual effects. Is TFG suffering from brain fog? Respiratory problems? Depression or anxiety? Fatigue? We, the voters, don’t know, and it is not likely that any serious attempt will be made to brief the public.

Don’t assess Biden based on the image he projects when he appears on television. Assess him on his record. Under his leadership, this full-stopped country got moving again. People got vaccinated. They got help. The economy got help. Jobs numbers improved dramatically. We ended a decades-long war. Actual infrastructure investment. The first black female Justice of the United States. Support for a besieged sovereign nation overseas. Investment for the climate. And, I would be remiss if I did not mention, first woman Vice President, first Vice President of color.

Regarding his fitness for the office, there’s facts. You can look them up.

Justin Pearson’s Afro

Let’s make it clear. Just Justin Pearson didn’t get thrown out on his ass in Tennessee today. It was Justin Pearson and his amazing afro.

Justin Pearson has a beautiful afro. He has beautiful black skin. He speaks beautifully. And he has razor-edge moral ideas.

The honkeys in the Tennessee legislature can’t have none of that.

So they voted without much in the way of due process to throw out Justin Pearson and Justin Johnson and to consider throwing out Gloria Johnson, three duly elected representatives to the state legislature of The Volunteer State, for the simple purpose that these three one week earlier had wanted to hear constituents’ concerns about gun violence in the wake of the previous week’s ghoulish murder of six people, including three children who should be fascinated by Batman and Taylor Swift rather than worrying about having their guts shot out and their bones shattered by guns.

This country is so disgusting.

These people could not even hear the argument. They couldn’t stand it. Even though they held every lever of power in their state, they had to stomp stomp stomp down anyone who even threatened to whisper that they were wrong. To even point at guns subtly as the actual problem. In Tennessee, you ain’t allowed to disagree. No discussion. No honest dialogue. Just f87k you. You’re black. Get out.

I am saying this to you. The Tennessee legislature just shot American democracy in broad daylight in the middle of Fifth Avenue. But the lovely thing is if you were watching the coverage tonight, you heard the people. You heard the people chant loud. You heard them chanting the names of today’s heroes. You heard them chanting in thanks.

To buttress our hope in this was Mr. Pearson, who preached here from the Tennessee House floor. Here he goes, let’s listen.

“We have got good news that Sunday always comes. Resurrection is a promise, and it is a prophecy. It is a prophecy that came out of the cotton fields. It is a prophecy that came out of the lynching tree. It is a prophecy that still lives in each and every one of us in order to make the state of Tennessee the place that it ought to be and so I still got hope because I know that we are still here and the we will never quit!”

Hallelujah. We will never quit.

Machaela Cavanaugh Is A Boss

Senator Machaela Cavanaugh, Democratic state senator of Nebraska, is a BOSS.

A Democratic Nebraska lawmaker vowed to filibuster every bill so the GOP-led legislature couldn’t ban abortion and limit transgender health care: ‘I want to annoy you’ (Business Insider)

You can write to her if you like and tell her that you, too, think she is a boss.

machaelacavanaugh at gmail.com