Lucy and Further Live365 Discoveries

I’ve not previously lived with a pooch who chronically whimpers. Lucy Liu (Yes, I have remonikered Kahlua. I can’t help it. It is what I do.) But she does, she whimpers chronically, even now that she’s apparently feeling more at home. It is her only vice. She doesn’t smoke dope or poop inside. She has a whimpering problem. But she makes up for it in that she is a sideways tongue doggie (a term I do not have to define for dog luvvers but that I must credit to my woman, who coined the term among many regarding doggies, including “Frito paws,” “sideways tongue,” and “crunching,” which is more difficult to explain.)

I have discovered an amazing thing at Live365. They maintain a robust library of tracks that you can “sideload,” or place into your track listing, as part of your regular fee and, more important, without affecting your memory limit (mine is the lowest, 200MB). I had assumed that one’s choices in this list would be among Pat Boone, Barry Manilow, and that kid down the street with a guitar and a four-track. Actually, the selection is deep. I’ve found Led Zeppelin, Jimi, Fleetwood Mac, R.E.M., quite a healthy variety. This is a most useful feature, as it allows me to generously expand my default shuffle playlist and gives me more to work with in programming directly. Not to mention that it is yet another avenue one can use to explore artists on the verge, which is one reason I was interested in maintaining an Internet station. I have added a few emerging artists to the mix.

Atlas Merged

It is weird to say this as someone who believes that Ayn Rand novels should be kept behind the counter in brown wrappers and should not be distributed to anyone under the age of 35. But the insistence on the part of the Congressional Black Caucus that XM and Sirius offer up a substantial amount of their bandwidth to minority programming the CBC says it won’t support the merger unless there is much more of this bandwidth offered than in the current concessions so smacks of what they did to poor ol’ Hank Rearden that it just makes me want to pee.

The holdups regarding this merger have been inexcusable. The companies need the merger just to survive in an exponetially increasing competetive market. If satellite is not allowed to grow its tech and infrastructure, it will be easily outpaced by Internet radio and HD. But this demand and this rejection of the concession already offered, it is an abomination. It’s crap like this that gives liberals a bad name. Shameful. Shameful. Shameful.

Home Is Where The Tivo Is

Before I recount my incredible adventure to sunny Edinboro, Pa., a personal and/or blog note. I am not certain exactly what I’m doing with this blog and Adventures. The latter’s been abandoned lately for this, and I may consolidate completely. This new environment gives me more to work with, and besides, the editorial purpose of “Adventures” has just gone flat. I have imported a buncha entries from that to this for the sake of archives. I’m still not sure about closing the other. Bloggers may understand this sort of aphasia, I think.

Anyway. I would like to briefly note that a person has recently discorporated permanently who may have occassionally read this blog and/or its previous version. It happened late April, but I’ve only recently found out. She was often my intended audience, though not so much lately, but I am sad nonetheless to learn that I can no longer even pretend that she might be reading.

I had a nice visit to The Lake, though I killed a deer en route, right before Breezewood. Damned thing just jumped into my car and ended up twitching on the highway behind me. When that happens, you can’t stop, either, because you’re right in the thick of traffic. So you end a critter’s life and you just have to keep driving. I stopped at a garage to ask them if I needed to report it and to get a precursory look at the jammed-in wheel well. Esther was driving okay, so I was all right for the trip up.

No Kneetop.

A word of advice. If you don’t want an Internet customer to get cold feet and cancel the order, fulfill the damned order. I got impatient this morning and canceled the order of my eee. Besides. I’m seeing many other things coming out of Asus that would kick this thing’s ass and may be cheaper. By the time I get the damned thing, it will be past obsolete. Besides(2), I have found my new Winders Mobile phone (radio, I call it my radio because I use it more as a radio than I do as a phone) to be quite good at accessing the Interweb and such, and with the card readers, I can work in any Word document on a regular computer machine and then access it on the radio. I may just pick up a keyboard for the sucker. So, cancel cancel cancel. I’m a little relieved.

In other news, my Uncle John is in town. I dragged him to El Union last night to make him watch me eat a burrito. On that trip, I discovered yet another awesome imaginary band name to add to the list. If you have a band and you are looking for a name, you may indeed use the name

Spanish Spelling Bee

. Thank you.

One more observation. I saw a logo today. This logo:

Can someone get Gail Zappa on the line, please? She needs to be in touch with her lawyers.