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Also: Why do young women insist on talking like Paris Hilton?

Who Needs A Gym When There’s Yardwerk?

I have admittedly for many years and for many reasons not taken the best care of the yard at the house in which I live.

Several reasons avail. First, I am by nature what many would consider “lazy,” though I prefer to think of it as “creative” or “contemplative.” Second, there were past administrations at my house who were previously in charge of the yard, including one close to the owners, who lived here and moved out for nasty reasons but continued to bark at me for things I was doing in the yard after. How do you take ownership of a project in conditions like that? You can’t. Third, was my own ignorance. I didn’t know what to do with the brush! But, as it turns out, I live in a wonderful county that will send a man around every other week at my request with a craned truck and will pick up the brush as it goes! Yay!

So out it goes. Tonight, I cut down a line of weeds that had become trees at our fenceline, and now I can finally SEE the radio towers from the deck again. Nature is so beautiful. I will continue to clean along the fenceline later this weekend, and soon, the entire lawn will belong to the house again. I hope to make some repairs and painting to the shed out back. I thought it would just require paint, but there is a wall board there that’s all rotted out and full of the bugs and will require replacement. Unless my pops wants to tear it down, but it does serve as a good place to keep the lawn mower gasoline if nothing else.

For this season, I am about retaking rentership of this yard. I am cleaning it out thoroughly. I am killing tons and tons of plants and trees. I have amassed the proper tools: an excellent pruning saw that I call “My Machete.” A Lawn Mower. A rake. A kickass long pair of bushcutters. Gloves and a hat. Though I’m about to wear those gloves out.

I can see the radio towers again. That’s something. And the pond looks nice and St. Francis oversees it. And I get outside and I’m moving and my shorts are falling off me.

Gyme? What’s a gyme?

You're Funny Naked At The Mall

I can’t really explain my recent fascination with Mary Tyler Moore, the feel-good hit of the ’70s. I Netflixedhow long before this becomes an official verb?season one. I have been saddened to figure out from my surfing of the internets since that the episode I’m really looking for, Chuckles Bites the Dust, isn’t yet on DVD, though it was at one point released on its own on VHS. I think we watched it every week, and I get the feeling that that was Mom’s idea.

I was fascinated to learn the the fella what wrote the theme song was a Cricket.

I think if I ever had a kick-ass hard-core heavy metal band, I would name it “Ida Morganstern.”

That is all.


It’s funny how my trip was bookended with bellyachin’ about KU from Mizzou people. First the driver what carried me to my rental car at KCI, and last, Jessica’s howsemate. Well, whatreyougonnado. I didn’t go to KU, but I’m the child of alumnooze and I like it.

You couldn’t have had a travel more frought with misadventure, starting with the power outage before I left. You try getting your marbles together to travel for a week at 5 a.m. with no power. That’s some fun right there.

My immediate and pressing goal was to spend time in downtown Lawrence, and that is waht I did do a lot of the time there. Started with a Boulevard Pale Ale at Louise’s, matter of fact. Now, that’s a bar. No frills. Just beer, with chilled supersized glasses in the fridge. The thing to do seems to be to gather at Louise’s to watch PTI. Yeah.

Thorsday night I watched the Kansas City Royals beat the Toronto Blue Jays. It was fun. Friday night was spent in Overland Park, near our reunion locale. We sang karaoke. It was fun. My cousin got proposed to in front of everyone. Awww. And I dragged Fourth and Second of Fourth to stage with me to sing. Second chose the song. It was Come Together. He’s becoming a fine young man indeed. Saturday was the reunion itself, and it was fun and joyous. Sunday through Travel Tuesday I spent continuing to careen around in sunny Lawrence. Rock Chalk. Glad to be home, but man, Lawrence Kansas is a wonderland.

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