Hey Now

“I actually did an audition down here. I believe it was in the rink down here. They called me the night before for a commercial, and they said, do you know how to ice skate? And I said, uh yes–lying. And, I called my friend, and I said, you’ve got to teach me how to ice skate. And he said okay, meet me–and I said uh, no, tell me on the phone.

“Anyway, down here, I said I’m so embarrassed, and the guy got up on an a-frame ladder, and he said okay, this is an audition, there were 200 of us, and I said I’m going to be so embarrassed, and he said all right! This is your audition! AND SKATE!

“And 200 actors fell down.

“That’s true.”

(Jeffrey Tambor, on Late Night with Seth Meyers)

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