Anything Else, Robin?

It’s a strange phenomena, one that usually happens when, as this morning, I wake up early (7 a.m. this morning) and then return to bed for a bit more sleep, putting on The Howard Stern Show to lull me.

What happens is, the show enters my dreams. So I’m dreaming I’m hanging out with Howard, Robin, Fred, and Bababooey. This morning, I dreamed we were all around a big table, and Howard was presenting weird food to the rest of us. And, for some reason, I thought of what I thought was a very funny joke.

“Passover Junior!” I exclaimed.

Do not ask me to explain the joke. In my dream, it was hilarious.

But here’s the thing about when this happens: When I’m dreaming the show, I don’t have a voice.

Because while the dream is going on, the Show that’s playing on the radio is driving the dream. I’m seeing Howard and the gang in my dream and I’m there with them, but their conversation is coming from the radio, which does not interact with the me in my dream.

This morning, my reaction was to repeat the joke, louder.


Then the dreaming me crossed my arms.

And then I woke up.

Archived Comment from Tim Pryor: Bababooie to y’all!

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