In 2018, We’re Only In It For The Money and I both turned 50.

Now as I recall it, my introduction to Frank Zappa was the song “Who Are the Brain Police” from Freak Out, which my Dear Old Dad played for me when I was a mere toddler. And you wonder why I am the man I am today.

But my formative introduction to Zappa was most certainly Money, also via Dear Old Dad, of course. I was probably 14 when I started latching on to this record.

And the 50th anniversary of this release makes me realize what a busy, important year 1968 was for Zappa. Money is released. Lumpy Gravy is re-released. Cruising with Ruben and the Jets is released. They’re touring. They’re recording Uncle Meat. Not to mention, it’s the last full year the original Mothers lineup will exist.

So, yep. This Zappadan, I am going to be focusing on the Frank Zappa and the Mothers in the year 1968.

Except for tomorrow, of course.

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