Christmas 2019

Somebody on Twitter asked people what they’d learned in 2019. It made me review the pages here at good old 8WK Studios, and I didn’t really get the impression I’d learned much.

I’ll say the latest thing I’ve learned is a better way to season ground meat once one has browned it properly.

I do know I began 2019 with an intention to spend more time listening to new music and more time recording my results here. That’s why the first entries of the year held that focus. I don’t know why it got lost in the shuffle. I just got busy, I guess.

I will say, of all the upcoming releases, the one with the most promise would be Everything Else Has Gone Wrong from Bombay Bicycle Club. This is a band that consistently paints with the little brush. I dig this band and salivate over their new release, coming the week of Jan. 17. A few samples:

So perhaps we’ll do a bit more work here in 2020. But trust me on Bombay Bicycle Club.

Christmas was okay. I had stupidly volunteered to work the holiday. This meant a quick breakfast Christmas with family. Delicious pancakes. Good times. And, we can now scratch the new Prince memoir off the list. Check!

Bonus to checking out some new bands is finding others. BBC will apparently tour with The Big Moon this year. They are great.

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