Weird secret ingredient for a perfect home frappucino…

Xanthan gum.

Seriously. I’ve been rescuing leftover coffee lately by making a nice blended iced coffee, hoping to emulate the results you get from a Starbucks’. I had some good luck with a half-cup of coffee, a half-cup of milk, ice cubes, and a tablespoon of sugar, given the old Vitamix treatment. And indeed. It was delicious.

But I’d read this tip on the Internet about xanthan gum, which acts as thickening agent, emulsifier, and stabilizer. In an iced coffee, it was suggested, you add a bit to keep the ingredients from separating.

Only after reading this tip did I notice a failing of my recipe: Halfway through the drink, the yummy froth and the liquid tended to separate, and since the liquid is heavier than the yummy froth, you’re just not getting the full yummy of the thing. So, I ordered some xanthan gum.

A quarter teaspoon of the stuff improved this consistency issue remarkably. All yummy froth. Down to the bottom of the tumbler.

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