Proper Modulation

Now it is time to write about Proper Modulation.

I adore the radio.

I do. I think radio is one of the most interesting things in the world. More interesting than television. I think if I were interested at this point in my life in doing something I loved for a living—a move which, I have found more often then not tends to make you HATE that thing and leaves a poopy taste on it for the rest of your life, so you may be better off anyway doing something for a living you can merely tolerate—one of the things on that short list would be to be in radio somehow.

Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, I get to pretend.

I’ve been a Live365 customer for a few years now. And it’s an okay way for a schmo like me to run a radio station. But it has so many limitations. You have to use their proprietary software to update. Listeners, I’ve found, find it frustrating because they need an account to listen. They recently changed their Web site, and the new version is awful. They have yet to update the iPhone app for multi-tasking. And they generally suck.

So the other day I’m looking for something else. And I find Loudcaster.

You can update using FTP. Anyone can listen just by browsing to the site. You can get listed in Shoutcast without lifting a finger. Which means on iPhone you can use Tunemark.

So. My station is called Proper Modulation, which is of course an homage to the King of All Media. G’w’on over and listen. I’m having a blast.

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