Here’s how it works: Once upon a time, the government would say to business owners, yeah, that’s nice, you have a lot of gravy there. How about you take yourself a nice profit, but then with that top layer of gravy, you can either pay a nice tax or you can invest back into your business. How’s that? And so businesses chose generally to put as much of that nice gravy back into the business as they could.

Today, the government goes up to those nice people and says hey, see all that nice money you got on top there? You can either invest a bunch of it back into your business there, or you can…oh, who am I kidding? Just put it in your pocket! G’wan! It’s a free country!

And so the government can’t fix the broken public infrastructure anymore, and at the same time, the private infrastructure is going to heck as well.

That’s why.

In other news:
Seems that the 8WK has been on the air here today for 12 years. Happy blogiversary to me.

Have just overheard a group of youngsters talking about “The Twilight Zone.” You know. “That scary show from the ’80s.”


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