Debt Ceiling

The House of Representatives at long last conducts simple, necessary, responsible, and usual government, sans drama.

“Conservative” groups in Washington promptly start eating their own hair.

From La Washington Post:

Conservative advocacy groups opposed the clean bill, and the Senate Conservatives Fund, a group affiliated with the tea party movement, blasted the speaker in an e-mail, saying, “Boehner must be replaced.”

Although no such coup is on the horizon, Boehner’s last plan crumbled Monday during an informal survey of members on the House floor. Conservatives told the leaders that Boehner would not receive their support, with members of the Republican Study Committee and tea party supporters firmly opposed.

Here’s to hoping that President Obama has just experienced a “teaching moment.” Negotiating with ruthless hostage takers only leads to more hostages. But man, viewpoints that seek to torpedo Boehner for recognizing that there’s just no longer any fight among his Republicans for pursuing the bat-crap insane strategy of insisting on a tit-for-tat regarding the debt ceiling?

That should tell ya something.

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