Hart’s Eve

I have never anticipated a trip to the grocery store as eagerly as I am today.

There has been a certain disconnected sense I’ve had since I moved downtown, and that’s not why you move downtown. You move downtown specifically to be connected. You want to walk downstairs, leave your building, and then there it is, everything in the world you could possibly need. That is the downtown experience I’ve always imagined. It is what my Uncle Jay and I used to call “The Dream.”

But that hasn’t been the case. We have coffee shops, bars, nice restaurants, a (sketchy) booze store, pizza, a beautiful gym, and a fine cinema. But we have lacked perhaps the most basic amenity a neighborhood can offer: A grocery.

Until tomorrow.

Hart's Grocery

For me on my work schedule, grocery buying has involved either a midnight run after work or I have to go get my car. I know it sounds like not that much, but I do estimate it’s like 15 minutes from my front door to my car. There’s no running up the street for that thing you forgot. There are no spontaneous runs to the grocery to grab something for supper.

But tomorrow, friends, is the grand opening of Hart’s Local Grocers in the East End. People I talk to frequently are probably tired of hearing about it. But I’ll tell you what, this is going to improve the living standard in my neck of the woods by thousands of percents.

Ya’ll know where I’ll be tomorrow.

I might make a few trips.

Overheard: “Football is so dangerous. I would never let my kids play football.”

:: eyeroll ::

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