Mr. Gibson Scores Again

So like, have you ever seen your personal sound system levitate?

It’s the whackiest thing I’ve ever seen. I got Amelia Ray’s CD (Mr. Gibson Scores Again) from CD Baby, put it into my CD ROM drive, started to play it, and the harman/kardons started floating.

All right, I’m exaggerating. But only a little. This CD is good, ya’ll, and I’m not just saying that because Ms. Ray throws incredible parties and I hope to get back to San Francisco someday. This artiste spans styles and depths that few signed artists can even muster.

Geez, Amelia. How could you give me “Sam He Is,” a zippy story about a would-be messiah, and expect me not to be thankful? I’m just sorry as hell I don’t have a lighter with me right now…I know I’d be waving it over my head if I did. And Ms. Ray, are you waving over at Prince with “Iberian Girl?” This little stroll smacks a little of “Do U Lie?” and its unfortunate cousin, “Strollin’,” and frankly, it’s better than either. “Whosyerdaddy” is funky and gorgeous…”Karma” is a gorgeous heartbreaker in three…Ah, hell, it’s just perfect. Buy it here. Buy two, in case one breaks.

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