Idol Highlights, Season 19, episode 2

Season 19, episode 2

Amanda Mena – sung “Golden Slumbers”

Anthony Guzman — weird guy dressed up as Thor. But he sang “Cry Me A River.”

Hannah Everhart – 17 years old from Canton Mississippi, started with “Wayfaring Stranger” and tanked. Then took on “At Last” and did better.

Calvin Upshaw. I don’t know what the fuck he sang, but it was good.

Casey Bishop. Mötley Crüe – Live Wire then Sara Vaughan. This was a brilliant audition, in that she took a hokey metal song and recognized its roots. She sang it as blues. And she did this with this incredible insight at age 15. This was the audition of the night.

Cassandra Coleman – “The Way It Was” by the Killers and then they made her play some shit on the piano

Willie Spence “Diamonds” by Rihanna

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