Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!

Things are not looking good for Dear Leader President Carnage of Oblivion these days.

Today for example, NPR reports on the progress made by the federal government under Trump since he marched out his corporate minions in the Rose Garden and declared a national emergency. Promises made. But not kept.

This can partially be explained by an abysmal failure on this administration’s part to fill and maintain experts in thousands of key policy positions. As the Daily Kos reported last week, President Carnage may have shedded 10,000 years of experience in the year before we started sniffing around and discovering deadly-virus.

Meanwhile, The Guardian reports that President Carnage’s fecklessness in the face of this tragedy is costing the United States generally in terms of its international reputation, a loss that some experts say will never be regained.

Like they say, everybody: Elections have consequences.

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