Car Repair Day

Esther Sedano is my 1999 Chevy Lumina that as of today has 60,233 miles on her. Today she’s in the shop, and, uh-oh, the mechanic is calling. On the phone with them now. What the hell did they find?

Ouch. She needs some work:

  • Change the fuel filter
  • Rotate tires
  • Change radiator hoses
  • Flush cooling system
  • Fix leak in power steering system
  • Replace pressure hose in the steering column
  • Flush power steering system
  • Clean, adjust rear brake
  • Flush the brake system

Well, hell. I mean, she’s paid for. Ya know?

Yeah, we’ll be splitting this work up a bit.

A Mixed Day

Yesterday was mixed. I managed to wrangle the vendor to help me finally fix the WYSIWYG editor so I don’t have to write EVERYTHING in HTML all the damned time anymore as I have been doing for months. That was good. I did figure out a better way to archive a certain section of our Web site. That was good. I did finally find the sweet spot in the office where I can put my XM Repeater to get flawless reception and am now listening to Supreme Court arguments on the SPAN while I werk. That was good.

Taking out the side view mirror in the parking garage was not so good. Ouch. Poor Esther.