No Kneetop.

A word of advice. If you don’t want an Internet customer to get cold feet and cancel the order, fulfill the damned order. I got impatient this morning and canceled the order of my eee. Besides. I’m seeing many other things coming out of Asus that would kick this thing’s ass and may be cheaper. By the time I get the damned thing, it will be past obsolete. Besides(2), I have found my new Winders Mobile phone (radio, I call it my radio because I use it more as a radio than I do as a phone) to be quite good at accessing the Interweb and such, and with the card readers, I can work in any Word document on a regular computer machine and then access it on the radio. I may just pick up a keyboard for the sucker. So, cancel cancel cancel. I’m a little relieved.

In other news, my Uncle John is in town. I dragged him to El Union last night to make him watch me eat a burrito. On that trip, I discovered yet another awesome imaginary band name to add to the list. If you have a band and you are looking for a name, you may indeed use the name

Spanish Spelling Bee

. Thank you.

One more observation. I saw a logo today. This logo:

Can someone get Gail Zappa on the line, please? She needs to be in touch with her lawyers.


Quick WordPress Fix

If your installation of WordPress puts your posts in the wrong order, you’ve got to find and edit wp-includes/classes.php. Do a search in the page for “order” and change “DESC” to “ASC.”

Also: Why do young women insist on talking like Paris Hilton?


Is it worth explaining to my coworkers that asking me to put up a “hotlink” is not the same thing as asking me to put up a “hyperlink,” and that, actually, a “hotlink” is a bad thing?

iPod Mini Fix?

I don’t know if this helps anyone, but I’ll share anyway.

This morning the iPod mini was doing the weirdest thing. I was trying to listen to the Rachel Maddow Show, and it was stuttering. I tried fast forwarding it, but it only kept stuttering. So, I paused play and THEN fast forwarded while it was paused, then unpaused it.

No more stutter. Damn I’m good.