How To Shake A Black Guy’s Hand

As you can see here, Sen. Mark Kirk (R – Ill.) is working on his advanced courses.

Mark Kirk - Obama fist bump

The total surface area of the United States is 3.794 million square miles. This number includes all land and territorial waters.

The total surface area of the Earth is 196.9 million square miles.

3.794 / 196.9 = .01926866429

The United States comprises 1.9 percent of the Earth’s total surface area.


The Evil Mysticism of President Barack Obama

I have finally found the descriptive phrase I’ve been looking for that describes the superstitious smear that President Obama’s opposition has run against him for the duration: evil mysticism.

The attempt by his opposition has been to create the story that there is something other-worldly about the President, that he is the kind of fellow you would encounter commuting on a magic carpet, and then he looks down at you and laser beams shoot out of his eyes, but the laser beams are actually barbed arrows that kill you with open chest and stomach wounds that are painful.

I was reminded by a Faced-book friend of a movie released recently that paints the President as an “anti-colonialist” and who has worked his entire life to live up to some vision of his father’s who he met once for ten minutes when he was 10. Also, the movie is really pissed about the President allegedly returning a bust of Churchill back to England, which happened, except that it was on loan and there was another one in the President’s residence.

Don’t ask me to make it all make sense to you. It doesn’t.

It doesn’t because it is part of the ongoing effort to establish the President of the United States as an evil mystic, one who should not even be talking to your children because he will beguile them with evil impulses, remember that? Remember? I do. And I still haven’t heard a word of apology because the President mentioned every wholesome thing in that speech to your precious little ones except the benefits of good posture.

I wish we could do without it. I wish we could subtract this aspect of the political discourse completely, this attempt to paint Mr. Obama as an evil gypsy with supernatural powers. I wish the debate centered instead on actual public policy. Because that might have been an interesting conversation. Instead, we have this nonsense, did you know Barack Obama can grow fangs and claws at will? Did you know he sports a tail?

It’s nonsense and I wish you would knock it off.