Zappy Birthday

My Dad and I have a similar dilemma. We are serial binge watchers of a television program called The Gilmore girls. When you are, what happens is that you get the show’s theme song lodged into your head. Thanks to Stephen Colbert, we have been able to plug off this nuisance “We’ll Meet Again.”

Which, as he reminded me this weekend, caps then ending of a little film called Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

So, that was sort of a theme this weekend.

Oh, by the way: Zappy Birthday.

You might want to listen to this rare acoustic jam between Frank Zappa and Shuggie Otis. On the Johnny Otis show, of course.

I for one am sad to see the Zappadan holiday end. I always appreciate the opportunity to listen, to research, and to reflect. I raise a cup and I say, “Next year! In Montana!”

Raisin’ it up….waxin’ it down…

I Come From Nowhere

One of my favorite Zappa productions is “I Come From Nowhere” from Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch. I mean, this song. The absurdity. The voice. The raucous send-up of arena rock.

In Zappa’s time, this was strictly a studio production; he never performed it live.

His son, however, thought it should be taken to an audience. Not only do you get that with this clip, but you get a really great story to boot. Here we go, kids. “I Come From Nowhere” by Zappa Plays Zappa.

Did I mention that I am really looking forward to Dweezil’s new album?


Watch these kids riff on Son Of Mr. Green Genes.

It will be the most fun you’ve had all day.

Rock Star

This clip is great but even better when you know that Soupy was an early freak (he used to attend Mothers shows in LA, before the band even went to New York) and was among those featured in the collage of We’re Only In It For The Money.

Cuba: Jeux Sans Frontieres

First of all, it just looks good. Congress just concluded its 113th session yesterday (with a slew of nominations approved), then today President Obama gets to announce that we’re welcoming an American home from captivity and that he intends to normalize relations with Cuba, a historic policy shift. At the very least, the president won the press cycle.

This president seems to have a chronic talent for properly leveraging good policy with good politics, and this may be the finest example of it. Policy-wise, warming things up with Cuba is a win win win win win. And the only people who will hate it are Cubans in Miami, dead-set Obama-obstructers, and/or Marco “Polo” Rubio and Jebidiah Bush. Who else thinks that reforming this vestigial policy is a bad thing?

In other news, Pat Robertson has expressed belief in one of the most ignoramus things that can be said regarding my LGBTQCZSPUXT brothers and sisters and other-genders.

“Those who are homosexual will die out because they don’t reproduce.”

Um, Pat? I know many gay people who HAVE PROCREATED.

And the ghey? It ain’t hereditary.


And a church that won’t let its parishioners co-mingle? Who are these people?


That’s how much the Ikettes were paid each to perform background voices Apostrophe and Over-Nite Sensation.

This was reportedly at Ike’s insistence. He also insisted that they not be credited on the album.

Charming fella.

200 Motels Finally Gets The Recognition It Desoives

It’s not even a good chop. But that’s okay.

Speaking of which, here’s like everything you could ever want to know about that crazy, crazy little film, courtesy of FRANK ZAPPA’S 200 MOTELS!

The Spotnicks

In 1963, a Swedish instrumental band called The Spotnicks, named of course for the Russian satellite Sputnik, charted in the United Kingdom with a song called “Hava Nagila.”

I’m serious.

It was the Spotnicks’ original drummer Jimmie Nicol who famously rescued the Beatles’ first world in 1964, playing 8 out of 13 shows for an ailing Ringo Starr, and then later filled in for Dave Clark of the DC5 and who, indeed, inspired the Beatles’ song “Getting Better.”

The Spotnicks wore spacesuit outfits on stage. They released 42 albums.

And, on the b-side of a record called “Diamonds,” they covered “Lumpy Gravy.”

Well, actually, they covered “Duodenum” and called it “Lumpy Gravy.” Whatever.