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They Might Be Giants (TMBG) – Ana Ng

TMBG – Birdhouse In Your Soul

They Might Be Giants (TMBG) – Cage & Aquarium

They Might Be Giants (TMBG) – Cowtown

TMBG – Dead.mp3

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TMBG – The World’s Address.mp3

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They Might Be Giants (TMBG) – Where Your Eyes Don’t Go

TMBG – Whistling in the Dark

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Various Artists – Bib Records – Maxwell Smart – The Toasters

U2 – Elevation

Velveteens – Beetlejuice

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When you decide to make changes to your blog, you can make some hellish mistakes.

I decided today that I want to keep my domain name next year. I like owning my own domain name, and to me, it’s worth the money. So I decided to put some redirect script onto the blogspot page.

In the process, I messed up the template.

I will, I hope, have it back the way it was before, better, stronger, faster…You may change your bookmarks, if you like. Sorry about all the confusion.

My e-mail will continue to cruise over to AOL, though I have forwarded mail.


Brit Hume says that Disney, who owns ABC, must be smarting at being portrayed in the press as “a profit-hungry, greedy corporation uninterested in bringing the news to America.”

Well, Brit (is Droopy your dad, by the way?), if it walks like a profit-hungry, greedy corporation uninterested in bringing the news to America, and if it quacks like a profit-hungry, greedy corporation uninterested in bringing the news to America…well…

It’s nice to some extent to know that the bullshit doesn’t stop when you’re in the highest levels of the profession, that the capitalists will always dick around with the news staff no matter where you are, and that the foolish dynamic doesn’t change at different levels of professionalism in the media. Even at ABC news, it seems, management just isn’t happy until it runs in and goes mad with a thresher.

By its very nature, news is a liability. News staff is not there to help sell advertising. News staff will require a budget and will sop up your resources and will never on its own generate a dime for you. The concept of news as a profit center is a new idea. Television networks initially established news departments because radio had them, and radio had them at the behest of the FCC, which once upon a time as a useful governmental entity held a crazy notion that the public airwaves belonged to the public and had an obligation to serve said public.

“Nightline” was born from that idea in an urgent time. Iran had our people, and Ted Koppel kept us apprised of the progress at 11:30 p.m. every night. There was no CNN and no Internet. There was only Ted.

It was a noble experiment, one that stuck and one that has brought some of the most compelling news stories over the years. Every weekday evening, a serious and respected newsman sits down to tell a story, and a news format developed and perfected in that time slot delivers news with a depth that Stone Phillips and the gang can’t touch.

It doesn’t surprise me that ABC and Disney brass can be so cavalier with Koppel, who deserves a far fairer shake than all of this. Stuffed-shirt capitalist pinheads like this cannot grasp the value of a good news staff and can’t grasp the value of anything that doesn’t have a bottom line. “Nightline” is still doing its job, and people still need “Nightline.” Demographics be darned to heck.

Pet peeve #7,642:

Just because that door has a button to push to make it open automatically doesn’t mean that you should push that button and make the door open automatically.

Do you see the little icon underneath it? That button is for folks who can’t open that door on their own. “Disabled” people, as it were.

Here’s the thing about machines: The more they’re used, the more maintenance they require and the more likely they are to BREAK. Therefore, the more pedestrians use that button, the more likely it is not to be available for somebody who might actually NEED it.

So take your little arm and grab the little handle and PULL.


Note to self: Don’t forget to watch “The Osbornes” tonight on MTV at 10. Thank you.

Note to YOU. Amy Fisher isn’t boxing Tonya now. Paula Jones is.

Won’t that be a little more interesting?


In about 15 minutes, I’m going to eat cake.

We’re all going to eat cake.

Everybody in my office is going to eat cake.

Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake. Cake, cake. Let’s all eat some cake.


Last night, I made what was possibly the most yummy lasagna that has ever been created in the universe.

It was a test project. I’m having the fam over to the big house Friday for lasagna. Some of the housemates are traveling, so I decided that this would be a great week to go nutzo in the kitchen. And I’ve been dying to teach myself how to make a good lasagna. However, it’s never wise to spring your first attempt on guests. So, I guess I’ll be living on lasagna for the next few days. A tip: The non-boil noodles are fantastic. Just throw them in and they do all the werk. No muss no fuss. I made a few mistakes, but that’s why I have the practice batch. The batch I pull out of the oven on Friday is going to be killah.

In other breaking news: I’m going to Las Vegas on Sunday. I’m a little nervous about the whole damned thing, starting with the question of whether or not I will be capable of getting my ass out of bed when I’m required to in order to make my plane and ending with the question of whether or not some whackos will try to fly my airplane into the side of a building. But I have to go. It’s bidness.

I will, by the way, be able to blog from there. One of the advantage of using Blogger is that I don’t have to rely on having FTP software to do what I gotta do. And, I am in charge of the Cyber View Café, so I’ll be sitting in front of a compyooter pretty much all day. Yep, I’ll blog from Vegas, baby.